Awareness & Outreach Committee

Co-Chairpersons: Lisa Childs and Rachael Swolgaard
4-8 Members Needed!

The purpose of the Awareness & Outreach Committee is to brand the DSFA to the public to improve the understanding of Down syndrome and promote the positive aspects of the lives of people who have Down syndrome. to better the lives of our members. The focus includes:

-Provide new parent outreach and benevolence
-Identify and build relationships within the medical community, including all local area hospitals and medical offices, so that healthcare providers are equipped to provide appropriate and truthful information
-Serve as a meaningful resource for those moving into our area
-Identify ways to better engage those populations within our community who have been under-served due to language barriers, etc.
-Seek and build partnerships with prospective employers and and other community organizations and/or agencies in an effort to leverage expertise, infrastructure, facility space and ultimately monetary support for educational and programming purposes
-Enhance 'New Parent Packets' with added info on local services, events, resources, popular books, and educational reference materials