Educational Committee

Chairperson + 2 Members needed!

The purpose of the Educational Committee is to host educational workshops designed to aid families with development, therapy, and specific education areas. The main goals will be:

-Establishing a partnership between the DSFA and area schools and families to maximize the educational experience for students with Down syndrome supported through resources, training, and best practices on educating students with Ds, examples including:
*Interactive Peer Presentations
*Back to School workshops
*"All About Me" letters and/or books
*The Learning Program materials
-Sponsoring speakers on a variety of informational topics such as (in order to priority):
*Wellness Workshop, including exercise, weight control, diet & nutrition
*Medical Issues for infants/toddlers/children
*Local Recreational Athletic Groups
*Camp Presentation
*Managing Behavior
*Cognitive Research
*Employment with major local employers
*SC College Resources, Clemson, USC, College of Charleston, Withrop
*Financial and Estate Planning
*Alzheimer's Research
*Inclusive Classroom
*Sibling Issues
*Sleep Issues
*Preparing for an IEP
*Toilet Training
*Housing Options for Adulthood
-Connecting with both Family Connection of SC and Pro-Parents to keep membership informed on pertinent seminars, webinars, and other educational meetings