Membership Committee

Chairperson + 2 Members needed!

The purpose of the Membership Committee is to:

1) Develop a master membership list
2) Organize and run a membership drive
3) Develop strong relationships with outside agencies and organizations from which pools of volunteers can be drawn. The main goal is to:
-Initiate a method for the 3Rs: recruitment, retention, and recognition
-Develop interviews, orientation, and volunteer handbooks
-Learn how to manage risks with particular programs
-Produce proper documents and program assessment checklists for the future

Sub Committee : Board Development
Chairperson: Chuck Shartle

The purpose of the Board Development Committee is to identify and recruit new board members. The recruitment process requires both "vetting" a candidate and "cultivating" the interest of a potential future board member until he or she is ready to accept an invitation to become an ambassador for the nonprofit. Some nonprofits "test drive" potential board members by asking them first to serve on a task force or to volunteer for the DSFA in another way. The Chairperson will be involved with the following:

*Building a diverse board, i.e. a variety of skills, perspectives, backgrounds, and resources
*Determining how best to find new board members by:
-starting with dedicated and active volunteers
-considering donors
-asking the current board and staff for nominations or recommendations
-communicating through multiple channels to broadcast the need for new board members
-reaching out to those beyond the DSFA, like youth, or people in business or from other organizations