Social Committee

Chairperson + 6 Members needed!

The purpose of the Social Committee is to provide meaningful networking and social opportunities to link families together based on needs and stage of life. Specifically, this committee is responsible for planning the annual calendar of events as follows:

-Young Adult (age 22+) Events - *Sub Committee Chairperson needed!*
-Children Events - *Sub Committee Chairperson needed!*
-Support Groups:
*Children with Ds aged 0-3 (1 Contact Member Needed!)
*Children with Ds aged 4-8 (1 Contact Member Needed!)
*Children with Ds aged 9-13 (1 Contact Member Needed!)
*Teens with Ds aged 14-21 (1 Contact Member Needed!)
-Winter Bowling Tournament
-Spring Cookout
-Pool Party
-End of Summer Waterpark
-Fall Bounce House
-Popcorn and Ice Cream Social
-Glazing Pottery
-Bi-annual New Parents social events (kids aged 0-6)
-Special annual events for various ages and sexes of children
-Bi-annual Parents Night Out with childcare
-Quarterly MOMS events (Moms Opportunities to Meet Socially)
-Oversee DADS meetings (Dads Appreciating Down Syndrome)
-Promotional tickets for various events (Disney on Ice, Sesame Street, Circus, etc.)
-Any other social program that the committee wishes to develop